Advocate High Court

Chairman Legal Aid & Child Labour wing



Advocate High Court

Vice Chairman

Legal Aid & child Labour



(Advocate High Court)


Legal Aid & Child Labour Wing




joint Secretary

Legal Aid & Child Labour Wing


Muhammad Saeed

President (SHEP)


Legal Aid is one of the main concerns and SHEP focused and noted that thousands of the presioners invilved in pettyoffences or merely charges for the offences or languishing in Jails. The justice system failed to protect their rights, jails are overcrowded and the presioner rights are badly violated in the jail. The overall situation of the jails inthe country are miserable and the conept of the jails is turned into torture cells.


SHEP has been concentrating effectively on the Legal Aid to the peoples who think they need for the right justice. Those who are suffering due to injustice decisions or they forcefully get involved due to the interest of officials. Those who think they did nothing and punished. SHEP would be helping and willing to provide them all the ass 1stance and free Legal Aid.


With the help of renowned lawyers and judges our legal aid center working day and night and on a very large scale a crash program is going to be introduce through out pakistan or at least in the four provinces of pakistan. Currently we are active in Karachi region and providing the free legal aid support to the Afghanis, Burmese, Bangladeshi`s and Pakistanis as well.


"SHEP`s strong concept is to provide the right justice without delay or wasting of time".




The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan states: "No child below the age of fourteen, shall be engaged in any factory or mine or in any other hazardous employment." Also, "All forms of forced labour and traffic in human beings is prohibited." A number of laws contain provisions prohibiting child labour or regulating the working conditions of child and adolescent workers. The most important laws are:

  • The Factories Act 1934.
  • The West Pakistan Shops and Establishments Ordinance 1969.
  • The Employment of Children Act 1991.
  • The Bonded Labour System Abolition Act 1992.
  • The Punjab Compulsory Education Act 1994



The future of our country is our innocent children unfortunately due to various fundamentals and the technical of our economical indicators have been failed to prop down the rate of child labour offcours sky rising prices have been generating the continues and most unbelievable difficulties in any individual life.


Those who can afford to loose their money for the luxuries of their live sure they have no concerns over any inflation but think over those who has only sources of their income depends on their all days work & gets the few bugsfor their basic essentials of living. Child labour never been supported by the Government or any other Organisation. The concerning authorities do have the laws over the matter but once again laws are only remain rules. Such laws rarely been implemented or authorities made up any plan to get deliverance to the child labour problem. The policies badly needed to be implemented. This is not only official`s responsibilities moreover being the Non-Governmental-Organisation this is our obligation as well. We realize the matter and get the awareness and bring the changes in the society since these innocent children`s needed and deserve to have the life which has the colours and the enjoyments of their childhood. SHEP effectively working on this matter since long time back and regularly paying their visit to the various industries and the small industries, factories and shops.


Many childrens have been escaped. We made some plans for their proper income and basic needs of education, in the SHEP project named TARIQ PUBLIC SCHOOL.

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